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Wholesale & Distribution, International

The beginning...The grandson of an egg and chicken farmer, Andy has old-school customer service at the core of his business model. Before Lion DT, Andy traded cattle, hog and pork belly futures at the Chicago mercantile exchange. He then helped launch a national distribution center in the Midwest for a large meat trading firm.

Lion Distribution and Trading, LLC can service both the public and private sectors and distribute and trade nationally and internationally. We provide our services from the smallest to the largest, including but certainly not limited to, retail and wholesale: institutional and corporate, distributors, resellers and re-packers, caterers, markets, delis, hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, other food servers, and a host of other users.

Lion Distribution and Trading, LLC has the financial strength and stability, with an innovative and dedicated staff, and willingness to push to bring added value to its customers. We can help you cut your costs on food purchases, save thousands of dollars, increase your bottom line, and increase the perceived value of your products and menus.


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