Here at Lion Distribution and Trading, we understand that Time is Money! We work hard at getting you the best prices for the products you need, so you can spend your time on other important business needs.

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Lion Distribution and Trading receives competitive freight rates! That equals big savings that we can pass down to our customers!

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Lion Distribution & Trading is a service . Our company has grown tremendously from it's incorporation in 2012. We take pride in offering great customer service, quality products, and the best prices to our valued clients. We have expanded our menu to become even more competitive in this industry by offering various types of meat (cooked and uncooked), seafood, and vegetables. We have a diverse menu that is periodically updated based on the needs of our clients (to see what items we have available right now click on the Offerings tab above). Our goal is to become an industry leading company that is built on trust and ethics. 


We know people! Our sales team has created long-lasting, solid relationships with some of the top meat suppliers in the industry. We can use these connections to get you what you need - when you need it.

Honest trading and strong moral principals are at the core of Lion Distribution and Trading's business practices.


Monday - Friday: We don't close!

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Holidays and After Hours: We're Working for you! E-mail us. If you have our cell, call us!

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Customers come first at Lion D&T. Our job is to solve ALL of our client's challenges. We stand by our customers all the way from finding the right product, to making sure it gets to it's final destination.



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